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Our Simply Pure Water

We take care when it comes to the methods we use to purify our water. Simply Pure water goes through various steps of filtration before bottling – reverse osmosis membranes, UV lights, micron filters and carbon blocks. This removes chlorine, sediment and other unwanted substances found in water supplies leaving you with water that is Simply Pure.


Simply Pure & The Environment

Simply Pure cares about your health and the health of our community. We only use BPA-free plastics to make our 5 gallon bottles and all our bottles are recyclable with biodegradable caps. We also practice efficient routing and require minimum orders to reduce the environmental impact of deliveries.

Did you know?

For each 5 gallon bottle that you purchase instead of smaller 500 ml bottles, you’re keeping 38 plastic bottles out of landfills!


Premium water or bulk ice delivered to your office, restaurant or home.

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