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Water Filling

24 Hour Water Filling Station

Tired of waiting in line at box stores and grocery chains? Come to Simply Pure, fill and be on your way in less than ten minutes.

Our 24 Hour water filing station is equipped with a UV bottle rinse, free new caps, and a receptacle to recycle old caps. All of this is positioned beside convenient parking.

Some points to make are that our vending machine only takes exact change as no change is given. Also, the machine will automatically stop when the volume you’ve selected has been reached.

Please come by during our operating hours for your first visit and we will be happy to give you a full demonstration of how the machine works so you can operate it yourself anytime.


Located in the parking lot of the Dairy Queen at Douglas and Bay St.

20 gallons (75.6L) $9.00
5 gallons (18.9L) $2.50
3 gallons (11.34L) $1.75
2 gallons (7.56L) $1.25
1 gallon (3.78L) $0.75


Premium water or bulk ice delivered to your office, restaurant or home.

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