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Premium Ice

Arctic Glacier Premium Ice

Simply Pure Ice & Water uses Arctic Glacier Premium Ice which is a food grade quality that’s frozen using a process far superior to homemade ice. This produces a crystal clear, taste free cubed ice that is perfect for camping, restaurants, or large scale events.



12KG Bulk Ice (25lbs) $10.00
2.7KG Small Bag (5.95lbs) $2.50
4.5KG Ice Block (8.8lbs) $3.00
Delivery available  


Restaurant Service

Simply Pure is ideal for ice deliveries to any business that uses an ice machine if that machine has issues or can’t meet demand. We will deliver bulk bags to your company, after hours if needed, to make sure you get the ice you need.


Small Bag Delivery

Simply Pure provides distributing of 2.7KG bags and 4.5KG blocks to various markets, campsites and marinas throughout the Greater Victoria area. If you have a need to stock these products, please contact us around wholesale pricing.


Special Events

Having a wedding, backyard party or music festival? Contact us to discuss what your needs might be and we’ll work with you around delivery of ice, ice storage equipment and estimates on how much ice you might need.




Premium water or bulk ice delivered to your office, restaurant or home.

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