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Dry Ice

Dry Ice

Dry Ice per KG $8.00
Large Styrofoam Cooler 13.25" x 34" x 11" $19.50
Small Styrofoam Cooler 12" x 17" x 8.5" $7.80
Large Outer waxed cardboard $12.35
Large Outer waxed cardboard $4.85
Delivery Available


Dry ice changes directly from a solid to a gas in a process called sublimation in normal atmospheric conditions without going through a wet liquid stage. Therefore it gets the name "dry ice." Dry Ice sublimates at an estimated rate of 2 kg per 24 hours in a typical cooler. This sublimation rate is from the time of purchase therefore we recommend you pick up dry ice as close to the time of use as possible. If you’re shipping a product we have all the packaging in store you’ll need and we’ll even help you load your items and seal your containers.

When buying dry ice, make sure you have a cooler or another insulated container for transporting. This will slow the sublimation rate until you get to your destination, as well as be a safety precaution. Dry ice must be handled responsibly as direct contract with the skin can cause frostbite.

Dry ice is a natural refrigerant and useful for keeping things frozen because of its extremely cold temperature (-109.3°F / -78.5°C). Dry ice is widely used because of its freezing ability and easy handling using insulated gloves.


Do you know some dry ice uses?

Dry Ice is perfect for transporting frozen fish or foods like ice cream or camping supplies, as well as transporting samples for laboratory research, scientific field studies or medical testing.

Dry Ice during Halloween can be a fun and eerie addition to anyone’s scary display. Simply put dry ice into warm water and watch as a low moving fog spills out onto the floor and gives a spooky effect.

Dry ice has recently been discovered to be useful in creating carbonated fruit or “fizzy fruit’. By putting a bock of dry ice in a cooler with any fruit that absorbs water and leaving it sealed for 12 hours you’ll be left with a full flavoured treat that has a fizzy pop like soda!

Dry ice is commonly used for industrial projects. Due to it's low temperature, crushed dry ice will shrink huge pieces of metal so they can fit into housings. Once the shrunk metal is in position the temperature naturally rises and the piece expands to be tightly sealed in place.

Dry ice can also be used to fumigate infestations in certain conditions. Dry ice is heavier than air, so placing enough dry ice into an infested area to sublimate will push out all of the oxygen. This results in suffocating any insects or bacteria that may have grown.

A very rare use for dry ice is the transportation of used fuel containers. By putting dry ice into bins which at one time contained a flammable substance, the dry ice will turn to a gas state of CO2 and push out all of the oxygen from the container making combustion impossible.

Dry Ice 2.5KG $20.00
(Additional Kg $ 8.00 Each )
Crushed or Block


Premium water or bulk ice delivered to your office, restaurant or home.

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