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Premium Ice

Premium Arctic Glacier Food Gradeable bulk ice, premium quality at a great price!

Our Water

We take care when filtering our water to make sure you're left with a product that's Simply Pure.

Dry Ice

Vancouver Island's only source when it comes to dry ice. Great for parties and camping coolers.

Special Events

With large scale events, ice and water can be essential to the success of your event. This is why when you work with us, we make sure you have the product you need, when you need it.

Simply Pure... Simply Perfect!

We take care when it comes to the filtration methods we use to purify our water. Simply Pure water goes through many steps before bottling including reverse osmosis membranes, micron filters and UV lights. This removes the chlorine and sediment that you find in normal water supplies and leaves you with water that is Simply Pure.


Premium water or ice delivered to your office.

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